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imprend handover and transition plans

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7 steps for smooth handovers

Say hello to my AI interview

One question at a time, imprend identifies teams, roles, projects, activities and processes.

Leavers are asked questions from different angles to jolt their minds into remembering richer details, with AI-infused examples providing further inspiration.


Who, What, When, Where, Why

For extra context, your leaver adds documents, deliverables, stakeholders, events, milestones, assets, training and even hints.

After all, a job is so much more than a description!

Visualize processes without drawing a single shape

Knowing that most humans find it easier to type than draw when making documents, even our process builder is text-based.

Simply provide titles and descriptions for each step and we generate the process view live.

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employee transition plan

Say goodbye in style with a hiagram

All captured information is intuitively converted into a hierarchical diagram that shows how each team, project, role, activity and process connect as one to form a job.

We call it the hiagram.

A new dawn: exploring the hiagram

All added items (e.g. documents and stakeholders) can be viewed at the node and hiagram level.

Time-driven items (e.g. events and milestones) additionally have a timeline view.

Taking the hiapath

Taking the hiapath

We are passionate believers that users don't need the entire document visible at all times. As your new staff dig deeper into the hiagram, other areas collapse to maintain focus.

What remains is a direct line of context from the bottom node right to the top: the hiapath.

Coming soon

Search just got a lot more visual

Our favourite feature. The hiagram takes on a new form when showing search results - only the nodes with matches and their hiapaths remain.

Users select search panel results or click the pulsing match-nodes to dig deeper. You'll agree this beats bouncing around a Word document with Ctrl+F!


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